How The Process Works

Knowing what to expect in therapy can make reaching out for help a little less scary

The Process

Psychotherapy Services:

Psychotherapy has both benefits and risks as psychotherapy requires discussing difficult aspects of life. But psychotherapy also has the capability to significantly benefit individuals who make a commitment to the process.

One of the most important aspects of psychotherapy is the relationship between the client and therapist. It is a commitment, on both sides, to work toward reducing your distress, increasing your self-awareness and enhancing your overall emotional functioning.


Professional Fees:

My fee is $120 for a 60 minute session and we would typically meet on a weekly basis. Payment is due at the time of our session and can be made by credit card, Paypal, Venmo and Chase Quick Pay.



I am an approved provider for Blue Cross Blue Shield which means I am considered an In Network Provider.

If you are covered under these plans you will want to contact your insurance provider to research the following information:

  • Confirm that your plan covers mental health services, and the amount of your deductible.
  • Confirm how many sessions your plan covers.
  • Confirm the amount of your co-payment.

If you have health insurance from insurance companies other than BCBS, I would be considered an Out of Network provider. We may still be able to work with each other, but your reimbursement from the insurance company will be less. Please note that not all insurance companies reimburse for out-of-network providers.



One of the most important aspects of psychotherapy is the need for sessions to take place on a weekly basis. Psychotherapy is most beneficial when there is a trusting relationship between client and therapist. Based on what I have experienced in my work, meeting on a weekly basis allows the therapeutic alliance to develop in an organic and effective manner, making progress more achievable.

Appointments are typically 50 minutes in duration, once per week. Your session time is assigned to you and you alone. For this reason it is critical that if you have to cancel your appointment you give me at least 24 hours notice to avoid a cancellation fee. Please see the next paragraph for details.


Cancellation Policy:

My cancellation policy is designed to sustain a balance between the importance of consistent weekly sessions and the reality of life that causes unavoidable circumstances to come up.

  • You must cancel your session at least 24 hours in advance in order to avoid a cancellation fee for the missed session. I will try to schedule make up sessions whenever possible.
  • You will be able to take 5 weeks (sessions) off throughout the year and will not have to pay for these sessions as they are considered vacation. Any missed sessions outside the 5 weeks will need to be paid for unless otherwise discussed.
  • If attendance becomes a treatment issue we will need to re-evaluate your commitment to your treatment and discuss what is keeping you from making therapy a priority.

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