Helping Women Unearth Their Emotional Barriers

Providing a safe space through empathy, warmth and kindness

It’s Time For You To Smile Again

Our emotional and mental health has the capacity to affect every aspect of our lives. So when our thoughts and feelings aren’t aligned with the life we want to live, it can be extremely difficult. We feel like we are walking around under our own personal rain cloud. Psychotherapy can help lift that cloud.

I have seen the extraordinary relief people experience when they finally have a safe place to express and examine their emotional pain. With the proper therapist, psychotherapy has the power to truly impact our quality of life and return us to happiness.

Maybe you are struggling with….

  • Painful feelings of depression and despair that keep you stuck in a cycle of hopelessness.
  • Overwhelming thoughts and feelings of anxiety and fears of being judged that interrupt your participation in life?
  • Discouraging and critical self-talk that zaps your motivation and negatively influences how you function in your relationships and career?

Whatever burden you are carrying, you really don’t have to carry it alone.

With empathy and understanding I help my clients identify the origins of their depression, anxiety and negative self-concept, and provide them with coping skills and strategies that promote insight, awareness and self-acceptance.

How I Can Help

One of the most critical factors in psychotherapy is finding a therapist who you connect with and trust. This supportive, encouraging and collaborative partnership is founded on the therapist’s compassion, openness and ability to understand and empathize with the individuals they help.

It has been one of the most healing aspects of my work. With compassion and sincerity, I help individuals gain an understanding of the sources of their pain, and insight into how it affects their current functioning. It is this insight that naturally leads to improved functioning and peaceful living.  I am dedicated to cultivating this understanding and I have made it my life’s vocation.

My Background

After many years in the corporate world, I decided to follow my heart and pursue a career in clinical social work.

I began graduate school in 2004 and received my Master’s Degree in Social Work from NYU’s Silver School of Social Work in 2008.

After obtaining my Master’s degree I completed post-graduate training in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy at the Institute of Contemporary Psychotherapy. The majority of my experience has been in community mental health clinics assisting individuals with traumatic histories.

I am dedicated to helping individuals find their peace, and would love to accompany you on your journey.

Let's Talk

Feel free to contact me at 917/992-7896 or at email me
to schedule some time to talk.

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